Integral Value and the Imperative Model

Writing about political economy and philosophy is not just an intellectual pursuit. Whether it is the Elite School or the Vienna School, intellectuals are in pursuit of a practical understanding that has a practical effect.

What is usually the cause of the purpose (what derives the value to be considered by means of our own devices) is a crisis proportion. Existentialism, for example, emerges from WWI, realizing that warfare on an industrial scale adds identity to Hobbes postulate of an unavoidable, self-destructive nature. Then, after WWII, the risk literally goes gamma. Managing the risk is no longer an arcane calculation of speculating on the futures with the measurable effects (the technical correlations) of derivative devices. It is an intellectual pursuit, identifying integral values that model for the probable futures on demand.

Understanding a natural existence is no longer a fanciful intellectual pursuit. It is a matter of survival. The worst thing to do is keep rationalizing the accumulation of the reward until it is is too late to temporize the risk.

When the interpretation transacts to actually know the real risk, clever legal arguments modeled to exculpate the risk-value with Objectivist, philosophical arguments prove pathological.

When the risk goes gamma, ideological proofs naturally yield to empirical verification (the logic) of an on-demand existence.


About griffithlighton

musician-composer, artist, writer, philosopher and political economist (M.A.)
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