Good News for Dupont!

Bad news for Dupont’s workers!

Dupont announced today it will reduce its employment role by 1700, which boosted its equity value by about $1.50 a share.

Remember that Dow and Dupont plan to merge to gain market synergies. The “takers” (the people that take unemployment compensation, food stamps, and other forms of welfare because they need it to survive, which effectively reduces their past earnings into a subsistence wage) have to properly understand that these synergies (effective measures) benefit everybody…so we are told, anyway, which means that unemployment is not really bad but, despite what we may think, actually good.

(Assess what the real incentive is. If reducing 1700 employees produces a dividend–grossing labor value–then what is the incentive to keep people employed? Who are the actual “takers” here! How is it the real so grossly diverges from the actual identity?)

Properly understanding natural identity is imperative. Without the proper interpretation, bad things will happen from the deliberate action of providing us all with a good thing. There is a reaction. When that happens, and people don’t really appreciate the favor capitalists are actually doing for everybody, like Ayn Rand says, the non-elite then confirm their natural identity. Elite authority is then used, reacting on demand, to manage the risk from the top down, just like Marx observed when he studied the French Revolution, yielding to the social contract by natural imperative.

Securing the general welfare is only natural. (It is the law of large numbers. Constitutional!). It is an imperative value, and capitalists say the general welfare (measurable utility by the numbers) is the intended benefit when industry and markets consolidate–but actually it intends to exchange the invisible hand for the iron fist of the want-to-be tyrant!

The benefit to Dow-Dupont workers is the prospect of economic desperation, increasing the capitalists’ equity in the workers, increasing the workers’ indebtedness to the capitalists. Capitalists effectively own the workers like so much chattel, to be used as they see fit, taking on the identity of the tyrant in the form of the corporate body that is said to naturally exist without liability.

Being immune to prosecution is exactly what we see, along with rising debt to equity in a TBTF proportion. The really bad thing about that, if we want to secure the general welfare, is the bigger it gets, the more likely it is to fail.

Financial failure by default just happens to be, by no accident, how capitalism effectively confiscates people’s assets, modeled in the form of financial risk, which is interpreted to naturally transact without any liability.

If you’re afraid of having your property confiscated, Bernie Sanders is not who you need to be afraid of!


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musician-composer, artist, writer, philosopher and political economist (M.A.)
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