Pre-Tending the Data

The ultimate ignominy in science is to induce the data. In the world of finance, it is expected.

Wall Street is expected to drive the data that determines what the probable risk is. Now, that’s real political power. It’s what the Fed means when it says monetary policy is data driven.

Monetary policy, then, has a pre-tending direction, pretending to be determined by market forces, legitimately coerced into a policy program that fits the needs of its members (as the real price to be paid gets closer to its actual value, on demand). Banks of the Federal Reserve System are privately owned (proprietary) and some members, by no coincidence, exist with assets so consolidated they are too big to fail. The intending outcome of this organizational scheme is illegitimate coercive power pretending to be legitimately derived on demand.

A free and open market by committee is not a free market at all. It is a command structure intended to induce the data it says causes a particular policy program. Instead of ensuring a legitimate risk ontology, it insures the probable risk with derivative devices, bought and sold to look like free-market mechanics, pretending to legitimately exist, and induce (coerce) the evidence for it, on demand.

This pre-tending risk identity is both the illegitimate business model (the fraud) Senator Sanders refers to in his campaign and (co-incidentally) a nomothetic value that Kant, for example, described as an unknown, but universally understood, intuitive obligation, actualized (grammatically expressed) on demand (when the real price to be paid–the real risk–gets closer to its actual, current value).


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musician-composer, artist, writer, philosopher and political economist (M.A.)
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