Right-sizing the Risk Proportion

American constituents of both parties are completely revolted!

With massive fraud in financial markets…millions of people losing their homes…trillions lost in net worth…and the perpetrators paid multi-million dollar bonuses to do it–and still are (in the money)…expectations are super-sized!

Look…everybody’s not stupid. Most people know very well that (despite it being “Obama’s economy now”) the harm still being done (the perpetration of the Great Recession) is the direct result of Republican-Party policies and programs (supported by stuffing legislative channels and then blaming it all on the executive branch). What is beyond comprehension is expecting people to just put up with it.

The glaring, systematic intent to bust everybody down to being slaves, being made dependent on the good will and wisdom of a handful of psychopaths, exercising power derived from economic desperation, is well beyond the limits of available ambiguity.

Breaking news….

Reinventing slavery, with income inequality being the measure of success, isn’t going to happen!

The freedom we all Constitutionally have is fully occupied, existing at the right size, NOW. (Natural Rights are, by nature, commonly divisible…naturally endowed by the maker, which is you and me, existing on demand!) The space want-to-be masters of destiny think they have, and always will have as their own, by working harder than everybody else to get it, is nothing but a grand delusion supported by massive fraud and a too-big-to-fail, super-sized, risk-protection racket.

The Objectivist philosophy of want-to-be tyrants is nothing but a delusion of grandeur. “The revolution” has already been won: The American Revolution! All the measurable resistance is vested in trying to maintain the so-called natural existence of elite authority.

The elite model is an abject failure. Just look at Flint Michigan. Where’s the good will and wisdom of a natural-elite identity that poisons its constituents with all-due authority! What’s “the secret knowledge” here that “The People” just don’t get? Is it really that “the great unwashed” don’t understand the measurable harm done is really beneficial? Expecting this kind of abject stupidity to commonly prevail can only be described as pathologically delusional…SICK!

What measurably confirms is: The delusions of elite identity are to be NATURALLY RESISTED!

To be sure, what IS naturally endowed is the natural resistance to a pathology labored to be the measure of success.

As a matter of pure reason, laboring to have what cannot be simultaneously obtained (income inequality) is the picture of The Scream! As a practical matter (with the work of art imitating life), it is foolish to paint the picture that realizes being and nothingness, which does not naturally exist “except” in a catastrophic (super-size) proportion (foolishly described as the proper proportion by default).

Whether we can actually have income equality is something we don’t really know–but what we do know is that extreme income inequality has catastrophic consequences.

Expecting economic desperation to drive people into being more productive–producing what “We” cannot afford without accumulating debt (and being a slave to it)–is inherently unstable. The risk is something we actually know by both pure and practical means (obliged to the objective reality) of its measurable existence.

Like in the picture of The Scream, we have reason to be anxious about what we actually know, NOW, occupying space over time–measuring the available ambiguity on demand–and resisting absolutely nothing in proper proportion.


About griffithlighton

musician-composer, artist, writer, philosopher and political economist (M.A.)
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