Reacting to the Risk

Reactionaries, utilizing the well-paid punditry of their media empire, now feel the Bern!

The technical identity of “feel the Bern” is distorted by the media empire, operationalized to construct an ideological identity. Sanders has infected the pathology of that well-established identity, drunk with way too much consolidation of power, always stumbling closer to the visual cliff constructed to present the risk of loss as an ideological battle (that conserves their identity) and not the technical reality of the risk fully assumed and progressing without resistance, occupying space over time, no matter what.

By introducing his independent identity into the ideological construction of the binome (which forms an effective risk tautology), it is like being infected with a virus. The Leviathan is now sick with worry–angst!

The “natural identity” of “the risk” has come into question. Hip-Objectivism is fading. Its resistance to the expected emergent property of “Feel The Bern” is naturally waning.

The virtue of being naturally driven to economic desperation is a really sick way of actualizing what our identity naturally is.

When risk is pushed beyond the edge, there’s really “nothing” left to hedge! (ZHE)

Real identity is existential–existing measure, resisting “nothing!”


About griffithlighton

musician-composer, artist, writer, philosopher and political economist (M.A.)
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