Out of Order

(The Hysteron-Proteron)

Temporal fallacies are probably the most difficult to analyze. Just because something happens later in time does not mean it is the effect.

Determining what happens now is probably the result of expecting a future value. It is a function of pre-diction.

Predictive modeling is the problem encountered when “divining” the liability associated with, for example, the massive harm of the last financial crisis. Since modeling for the probable liability determines how the system is organized–so that TBTF bankers can say they don’t really know what is really going on half the time–then there is no effective liability now.

To maintain the inexistence of something that actually exists is a function of temporal perception. It is a timing function, which is the operant condition of RTVs (risk transfer vehicles) or credit derivatives, which are financial “products” (swaps) that intend to shift the risk to other parties using option and futures contracts obligated to a due date (occupying space over time now in the future). The product is a combination of securitization and insurance, which used to be illegal until President Clinton’s, Goldman Sachs working group convinced Congress it is the best and brightest way to manage the risk, and according to Mrs. Clinton, and TBTF bankers, it still is.

Capitalists are fond of describing the use of temporal fallacy as paradoxical, but no, it’s really just perpetration of a fraud, and if the fraud is expected to perpetrate in perpetuity, it must be organized to look like it has a natural identity. Objectivist philosophy fits very nicely and is not much different from Alexander Hamilton’s theory of prioritizing the financial risk, commonly referred to now as “socialism for the rich.”

Sanders says the scheme to avoid the liability and the actual harm done is not a coincidence. (There really is no alienation!) When he describes the chronology of being opposed to deregulation of financial markets, he describes how managing the financial risk, like Mrs, Clinton wants (in a TBTF proportion), is temporally fallacious, designed to look like TBTF banks are not really liable for the harm done (happening in late order) when they actually are.

The scheme (the con game) builds-out a business model that makes it look like the risk (in a TBTF dimension) occurs randomly–out of control–half the time; but no, it has the value of being fully pre-dictated (TBTF), which fully assumes the liability. That’s what it means when Sanders says our economy is “based on” (technically determined by) “a fraudulent business model.” It’s not because he is a scary “socialist” but because it’s the technical truth!

If we are going to divine the technical truth, pathologically lying about the attributive value and then ascribing the harm done as an act of God is categorically the wrong thing to do; but not because Moses brought The Law down from the mountain, but because the error of attribution does massive harm!

Operating with fundamental attribution error becomes obvious over time and imperatively expresses as the right thing to do.

It’s only natural to feel the Bern.


About griffithlighton

musician-composer, artist, writer, philosopher and political economist (M.A.)
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