The Measurable Margin

Sanders wins the New Hampshire primary by a record margin.

What does that measure?

Paid-for pundits are choking on their overpriced analyses, painting the Sanders phenomenon as the angry voter, flirting with scary socialism because there really is no other alternative except to vote Republican.

(How did that happen?)

What the margin really measures is a realignment to the left because the political marketplace has been rigged (anchored) too far right. So-called left-wing media is phony progressivism. It’s just a shill for reactionary politics operating at the margin…but that has been busted!

Determined by the Data

Fed Chair, Janet Yellen, testifying before Congress again today, says the US economy is now close to maximum employment. At 4.9%, the data determines gradual tightening but, she says, there is still a lot of slack in the labor market.

Is it a coincidence that the lower unemployment data accommodates Fed tightening? What is the causal relationship, here?

We can say that ZIRP determined the data, but that’s a hysteron-proteron.

ZIRP is a reactionary policy program, reacting to Republican policies and programs that are supposed to “make the rich richer without making the poor poorer”–which was a miserable failure! It just happened to cause a record margin in the New Hampshire primary, resisted by “left-wing,” mainstream media determined to scare “the angry voter” into voting for the more moderate, so-called progressive. Given how far right the political establishment is, however, it is anchored way too far right for all practical purposes. (It is so far right that, like Hobbes said long ago, it’s not even good for conservatives!)

Look at how far right this all is.

We have a long, strong, deflationary trend, measured by record declines in commodity prices, being represented by the central bank as disinflation with maximum employment. No, it’s deflation with the prospect of monetary tightening, which is deflationary! (The program could hardly be more far right, “in-tending to” austerity measures in the form of being “data dependent.”) It’s the big scary monster, coming to “redistribute” the working-more-for-less “productivity gains” to the upper class. (Making the rich richer by making everybody else poorer!)

Just like Senator Sanders says, capital is being used to rig the markets, intending to redistribute the wealth of the nation to the detriment of millions of Americans (and they don’t need the Fed to tell them which way the wind’s blow’n), being so-called “determined by the data.”

The so-called “data determination” is such a big fat fraud. (Come on–who doesn’t know it!)

The margin of disbelief is so big it’s not marginal anymore. Thus the slogan, “A Future To Believe In!”


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musician-composer, artist, writer, philosopher and political economist (M.A.)
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