The Associative Property

In mathematics there is an associative property. It’s a law, which means it has the legitimate value (the property) of pure logic.

Naturally, no matter how you group the numbers in an equation (no matter where you put the parentheses, for example) the identity of the equation (its sum value) is the same. The whole naturally associates with the parts by logical condition.

As a practical matter, the logic is the same in politics. You’re free to associate with any party you want. Naturally, you associate because you share the same properties that identify with the sum of your group. When the party diverges from the identity of its members there is a strict (purely logical) violation of the law–the associative property.

Violation of the natural law is what we have with “superdelegates.”

Remember that our republican form of government derives from a natural-law (Constitutional) identity element. By nature (yielding to the law–the utility–that governs a strict interpretation by the numbers, or the empirical value) “We” are all free to associate. (Like Hobbes told the king: the more you try and suppress the associative property the stronger it becomes, which means it has an additive identity. The risk associated with the useful value–the utility of “the property,” or its proprietary risk value–accumulates, which is the gamma-risk dimension I write about.) By suppressing its natural identity, the liability associated with the property is so huge that it can’t be ignored, but it can have an interpretation that misattributes the value.

When it comes to the legitimacy (the utility) of the popular vote, superdelegates are nothing but unnatural. The argument is that this elite authority is a natural element of the republican form. The logic of the legitimacy (its utility, as a practical matter), however, is the same. It’s The Law! (Its coercive value is equivalent. It has ECV-symmetry. It derives no matter what!)

The use of superdelgates is a disassociative property, from which will emerge (derive) a newly associative value (a measurable difference) that properly identifies (more closely approximates) the parts with the measurable whole, which is naturally determined (utilized) on demand.


About griffithlighton

musician-composer, artist, writer, philosopher and political economist (M.A.)
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