Crash and Bern

The Republican Party’s premiere mouthpiece says it would be impolitic for its executive committee to nominate a presidential candidate. He also said the party is crashing because it has failed its membership.

American political parties are private organizations. You can be a member if you want. The party’s elite considers joining the party as an act of affirming being identified with its elite, just like the Elite School says people naturally do. That seems narcissistic, because it is!

For the party to be ruled by its membership is considered to be unnatural. Although its leading pop-media spokesman has been advocating policies and programs that have failed the membership for 20 years, he is now saying the party is crashing because it has failed the membership.

People have had enough of the identity-gaming to contain the probable risk. The Tea Party identity (like I was telling you) emerged to reinvent the failure to maintain the conservative identity despite the actual results, which are inimical to the plurality (i.e., it violates the natural utility of the numbers). To maintain the utility of the party, instead of promoting a policy platform that actually works to promote the interests of the plurality, the party is reinventing the identity game, referred to as “rebranding.”

No amount of rebranding is going to help this party now. It has crashed and feeling the Bern!


About griffithlighton

musician-composer, artist, writer, philosopher and political economist (M.A.)
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