The In-Corporation

Allowing for naturally emergent properties (naturally selected) is dangerous. Risky.

To control for the externalities, we incorporate the risk, assuming a limited liability in priority. The corporation in-tends the risk, adjusting for the externalities.

The corporate body is an intending, bureaucratic structure. It has the legal status of a person (the Leviathan), but because it really is not a person, the liability is naturally limited, being left to the market to decide, which means a free market must be maintained in priority, not defeated by the corporate (self-destructive).

Building out an economy-of-scale efficiency (called “networking the externalities” by business economists), the corporate body effectively consolidates (incorporates) all the risk. The market, which we rely on to modify (or operantly condition) behavior on demand, is then turned into a top-down command structure, being more tyrannical than actually democratic, described then as a republican form of governance.

(Remember that consolidating the risk means that the capacity to make demands in the marketplace is limited–diminished–in the same proportion of the so-called “naturally limited” liability of the corporate body. This Equivalent Coercive Value–the on-demand attribution–is then shifted to increasing demand for government, which has the legitimate force of popular authority–pluralism–that otherwise obtains in the marketplace.)

Free to enterprise (applying the risk with limited liability), the people of the so-called “country class” (people like the “Koch brothers”) say their power to operate freely in the marketplace is illegitimately limited by government (the “ruling class”). Adjusting for the externalities, the ruling class (the force and legitimacy of government authority, existing on demand) must be incorporated.

Corporate Democracy

Members of the corporate have voting rights. The vote is by proxy, for or against the recommendations of its directors (elite authority in priority). It is not really democracy because a person can have more than one vote, which means that some people can tyrannize the others, forming a tyranny of the majority.

Notice that the Democratic Party is using the corporate model (elite authority in priority). Superdelegates show up in the numbers in priority.

HRC has always shown more than double Sanders’ delegates to the convention, where the chair of the board is selected by the stakeholders (controlling for the externalities). These delegates own more shares than the little people do, and so (they say) have the natural identity of elite authority, existing (by proxy) in priority.

(Looks like Objectivism to me!)

Progressivism isn’t Objectivism!

Is Ayn Rand going to be “naturally selected” to lead the party?

Is that YOUR natural identity!


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musician-composer, artist, writer, philosopher and political economist (M.A.)
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