Containment of the Benefit

Adjusting for the externalities is associated with containing the cost associated with producing the benefit (like pollution), but it is also about containing the benefit.

International trade agreements don’t work, as sold, because the benefit does not distribute. It is contained. There is a quantifiable benefit to exporting your job (networking the externalities). Cheap goods import in the form of a benefit, with an expanded margin of profit for TBTF, multinational corporations (forming the corporate body, or the network, in which the benefit is contained).

Containment of the benefit, distributing as income for the top 1%, is what causes Feel The Bern (or what Donald Trump calls “communism”).

(This is the hysteron-proteron I was telling you about. Sanders’ support is not a threat to public safety–it does not cause the risk to be avoided. Containment of the benefit–yielding to a billionaire like Donald Trump–is the problem, not the solution.)

Containment of the risk in the modern age has been mostly about containing the spread of communism. Now we import cheap goods from communist regimes using a capitalist model. Networking the externalities (exporting your job) is a much more effective way to exploit the masses and consolidate power, simply because the argument can be made that the people are not coerced but accede to the oppression (yielding to “natural identity” as Objectivists put it) on demand.

Fervent fans and protesters at Trump rallies have a lot in common–exporting jobs and containment of the benefit (which just happens to be what Bernie Sanders is so fervently against–and notice the natural convergence, the symmetry, of the values).

If you really want to be president, it helps to really know what you are talking about. Appealing to irrational fear to the point of hysteria is historically bad for everybody–even the wannabe power elite.

Reactionaries don’t have to fear Sanders supporters.

All they have to fear is themselves.

Like Enlightenment philosophers (America’s Founders) were apt to say: Ignorance is the evil to be resisted.


About griffithlighton

musician-composer, artist, writer, philosopher and political economist (M.A.)
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