Falling Prices and Median Income

(Controlling for the Rate of Acceleration)

Falling objects accelerate over time. It is the same way with falling prices. That is why central banks act to slow the rate of deflationary risk; but, remember, that does not reduce the risk.

What we have now, for example, is a long deflationary trend induced by accumulation of income at the top. Wealthy people can borrow at near-zero rates and drive futures prices up and down, effectively adjusting YOUR income, at will.

No, this is not a free-market ontology as mainstream economics describes it.

Adjusting your income at will, from the top down, by means of consolidation, then saying it is a free-market ontology–existing on demand from the ground up (which effectively puts a bid option to the ask in real time)–is a knowing-and-willing material fraud. In a court of law it is a criminal liability. No one is prosecuted, however, because it is considered the natural way to make markets more efficient, organizing incentives, using the market mechanism, on command (i.e., the “natural monopoly” model).

Existing the risk flow from the bottom up has natural resistance, controlled (now, at present-current value) by the people that are affected (in real time), and we call that freedom!

From the top down, the risk keeps accelerating, over time, until it impacts YOU, naturally yielding to a catastrophic proportion–and the buck stops there!

Naturally, like Bernie Sanders says, it is much better for EVERYBODY (even rich people!) to accelerate the irreducible risk “from the bottom up.”

Vote For Sanders!

(Like the little bird at the Sanders rally indicated…there’s a better way…. Nature’s way in priority!)


About griffithlighton

musician-composer, artist, writer, philosopher and political economist (M.A.)
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