Conforming Confirmation of the Self

Conforming confirmation of the self is the Golden Rule. Like the Golden Mean, it is not exactly equivalent, but the lack of equivalence (an asymmetrical proportion) is exactly what gives it the measurable value of beauty (diversity), occupying space over time.

(Remember, like the Objectivist says, even the altruist acts out of self-interest. Like in the example I presented in the previous article about the starling nesting in my gutter, there is a lot of “me”–my self-interest–in the beauty, or utility, of the Golden Rule. This is not paradoxical. It is perfectly logical–perfectly proportioned with the asymmetry that tends to the mean of a natural existence on demand, forming a work of art, a ratio, properly yielding to the numbers, that imitates life, aggressing the utility, or beauty, of a passive resistance.)

The mean expresses a predictable pattern (occupying space), having a confirmed conformity (over time) from which the means of actualizing it (on demand) objectively derives.

Self-actualization is an on-demand performance. It is an interpretation that transacts objective reality. It is a work of art that imitates life, and even the scientist does it to actually know the difference between science and art, realizing the Golden Mean that transacts the interpretation of an emergent property (the beauty or utility) that effectively exists the measurable difference by resisting absolutely nothing.

Natural beauty and utility confirms by conformity. The natural beauty of the democratic process, for example, conforms to the numbers. When it doesn’t, it gets equally ugly.

Bipolar politics gets ugly because it is non-conforming, which is to define what the standard (the Golden Ratio that really rules) actually is.

The beauty of the binome is its predictive utility. Toggling between Democrat and Republican regimes has symmetrical beauty, but the Golden Ratio’s asymmetry, the utility of a third element, is what actually defines its beauty. Within four corners (the approximate sum of the squares) it has depth–perspective–to suggest the actuality (the existence) outside the box (existing measure, resisting nothing).

(Other articles on confirmed conformity by griffithlighton can be found on the World Wide Web.)


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musician-composer, artist, writer, philosopher and political economist (M.A.)
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