The Sortaculturalist

Look at the profile picture. A large grove of trillium naturally occurring in the woods of western Kentucky is kind of unnatural. In other words, it is rare to see it like that. It just kinda, “sorta” happened.

It seems artificial, but the artifice (the creative process) WILL happen, occupying space over time. In other words, given enough time, anything can happen, especially if there is THE WILL to create it on demand.

It is kind of like the difference between horticulture and agriculture. It is interesting to see what just naturally grows, occupying space over time, which (to me) is like seeing the hand of God do its magic. The scientist describes “emergent properties” but, all things considered, determination is as much an expression of The WILL being The Way.

Agriculture, for example, having the emergent property of a civilized existence (having the natural advantage of conforming me to you), is an act of self-determination, but compared to what?

“Natural identity” is a moral comparative (an additive identity), yielding to the natural advantage (surplus value), prepared by the hand of the antecedent (effectively knowing the prior existence) that wills the way (emergent) to the moral imperative.


About griffithlighton

musician-composer, artist, writer, philosopher and political economist (M.A.)
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