Formation of the Natural Utility

Consolidation of industry and markets is for the purpose of making money, not measurable efficiency that distributes to everyone equally. Utility by the numbers is an efficiency measured by expansion of the marginal profit, not necessarily product innovation that adds useful value.

Consolidation in the telecom sector, for example, will likely result in a quota scheme to induce buying “the bundle.” Primarily to make money, we then have an innovative means of making money without product innovation to “utilize” bandwidth. (The “utility” being by the numbers. Supply is naturally added on demand to naturally control the costs by means of public authority–and that would be me and YOU conforming to a passive resistance in the pursuit of happiness, which is not to be pathologically bundled–organized–into buying things we don’t want or need to make a profit for somebody else). The natural result will be the formation of a regulated utility (a so-called “natural monopoly”) to control the costs, which will include assurance of Net Neutrality by means of administrative (executive) authority (forming the organized psychopathy I write about).

If making money is the incentive, innovation that adds useful value is induced by diversity in the marketplace, not consolidation.

We hear all the time from conservatives that if we eliminate the profit motive we will not add the supply to meet demand. This is a big lie–a technical failure of capitalism (not a failure of the the free market!), which Senator Sanders accurately describes as a fraud masquerading as a legitimate business model.

If making money is going to be the incentive that induces added supply then we have to ensure diversity, not consolidation, in priority.

Reducing demand does not technically add supply of goods and services but it does add to the supply of labor, deflating median income. This adds to the marginal profit until it reaches a crisis proportion, measured by the naturally declining rate of profit. Saying deflation is the standard of economic efficiency is completely delusional and maintaining it is just a big fraud in the name of forming a natural utility.

Vote For Sanders!

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musician-composer, artist, writer, philosopher and political economist (M.A.)
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