Feeling the Bern, Anyway!

Multi-million dollar, pop-media minions are saying that the Sanders insurgency is, especially at this point, harmful. These high-priced “stars” of pop opinion are, first of all, nothing but paid-for hacks, paid obscene sums to support established political-economic regimes that are monumental failures!

Keep in mind, NBC Universal is a big fat media conglomerate posing to be the purveyor of pragmatic progressivism. This media monster continues to consolidate media and markets to promote the established brand of populism (the hip-Objectivism) that supports the natural monopoly model of free-market economics, which is complete nonsense! For most people (the “angry” populace) this economic model is a complete failure! It is not even good for capitalists who then see fit to promote a phony, populist progressivism designed to assuage the anger (the angst) with the agonized arguments of ambivalent ambiguity.

Big media conglomerates are for playing politics, not really the means of understanding the technical aspects of, for example, whether there is enough diversity to actually have a free-market determination of the risk proportion. Ask a pop-progressive, political commentator about the level of diversity and, well, they don’t know. All that matters is that the “superdelegate math” means the Sanders insurgency is bad for the “presumed” nominee (posing as a progressive).

There is a lot of analysis about the “angry voter.” Let’s keep in mind that we had a massive perpetration of financial fraud that reduced the wealth of millions of Americans and transferred it to the upper class using risk-transfer devices–swaptions!

(Remember now, it’s you versus a 553-trillion-dollar derivatives market Bill Clinton and his working group described as improving market efficiency. This is the TBTF risk dimension that Sanders is against and Hillary Clinton says is too complicated to know what an effective measure really is. Well, how about all the anger! That’s an effective measure, isn’t it!)

How often do you hear pop-media analysts mention that people are really hacked about being fleeced and the perps were paid massive bonuses for doing it. Paying the criminals bonuses for doing bad deeds instead of going to jail is why people are so angry; but we won’t talk about that because it is too complicated, too technical–nothing like the popular appeal of playing politics!

Bernie Sanders isn’t what’s wrong with it, and saying he needs to get out of the way for the presumptive nominee to get down to business is the problem to be solved, not the solution.

Vote For Sanders, anyway!


About griffithlighton

musician-composer, artist, writer, philosopher and political economist (M.A.)
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