Organic Growth

Put out a garden and see what grows. A lot of time, and money, is spent weeding out what you don’t want.

What you don’t want “tends to” grow, anyway, because it’s a free market, after all!

America’s two-party binome (a conglomeration of cultural diversity I refer to as an organized psychopathy, intending to coerce “us” into the self-determination of “them” despite the natural resistance) is the same way. Despite being carefully cultivated to weed out the undesirable-identity element (yielding to self-determination), it tends to grow, anyway, “yielding to” a natural identity, on demand.

(The garden is tended by the hand of God, anyway, yielding to a natural existence.)

The magic just kinda, sorta happens, anyway, sorta-cultivating on its own, but occupying a space that we have existed (created) on demand, resisting absolutely nothing (and thus fully culpable, yielding to the fully assumed risk of loss by our own devices)!

In mathematics, identity elements naturally occur. The number zero, for example, has no value but is full of every possible meaning. Its identity is, effectively, limitless (infinite) and so it has no real identity (being and nothingness), but its value is (nevertheless) emergent. Not until the identity is added does it have actual meaning, yielding to its real (mathematical) identity (disambiguated), having a naturally associative property, emergent on demand (like the weeds in your garden).

The sortaculturalist is a free-marketeer, the creative identity that the establishment fears, existing measure, resisting nothing, knowing the imperative value by watching the magic emerge, categorically, on demand, anyway, forming the utility of singularity without sacrificing the richness of its natural diversity.

(See “The Added Identity” by griffithlighton, published on Word Press.)


About griffithlighton

musician-composer, artist, writer, philosopher and political economist (M.A.)
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