Beauty and the Binome

The beauty of the binome is its unambiguous simplicity and repetition of design that naturally yields to the complex symmetry (the de-termination) of immeasurable diversity. However, beauty and the binome can be the creative force of no resistance (the coded existence of its self-determination that resists its natural design).

When we toggle between liberals and conservatives we realize that the overall pattern exists to resist changing the pattern. The repetition is designed to occupy political space so that the problem to be solved is always being competitively reinvented rather than actually solved.

Sanders will simply change the objective of the existing pattern of resistance. This is the imperative dialectic that Kant described as the categorical imperative. Yes, it is a philosophical concept but it has a technical application: having a descriptive, objective, “natural identity.”

In the Age of Reason we discover that objective reality has all the attributes of a work of art. Moral symmetry has natural beauty. It may be imperative but exists on demand, having the creative impulse of the artist, creating measure, resisting nothing, occupying infinitely available space (transacting the interpretation) over time, yielding to the immense diversity we see in nature that is anything but being and nothingness (aggressing the passive resistance).

Do the right thing.

Be beautiful.

Be natural.

Be creative!

(Aggress the passive resistance–existing measure, resisting nothing.)

Vote For Bernie Sanders!


About griffithlighton

musician-composer, artist, writer, philosopher and political economist (M.A.)
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