Natural Signs

There are natural signs, then symbolic interpretations.

Whether it’s the interpretation of the little bird at the Sanders rally or the Fed raising rates to support recovery, these interpretations symbolize the same thing.

(See other articles by griffithlighton on transactional interpretation.)

The Fed is supposed to be like an objective observer. Econometrics observes natural phenomena and develops a set of attributive values, having predictive utility, just like any other science. Symbolic value is limited to mathematical interpretations that are objective measures of the thing being studied or predicted, and this is a philosophical school of thought called Positivism.

Objectivists say they are being Positivist. Big bankers say, for example, that profiting from the business cycle is only natural. The Fed then is observing nature and its policy program is (like Kant said) obligated to it.

It may seem odd that the Positivist Fed is actually using a rate increase like a natural signal, being then the determinator, utilizing elite authority from the top down (like the king), but like Objectivists say, it’s only natural.

While Sanders supporters think that determination should be free “as” a bird (rejecting the natural authority of the king), conservatives (including much of the liberal establishment represented by Mrs. Clinton) apparently don’t think so. Which group more accurately symbolizes the American-Revolutionary spirit?

Vote For Sanders!


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musician-composer, artist, writer, philosopher and political economist (M.A.)
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