The Law of Random Diversity

Natural science recognizes there to be a law of random diversity that, upon close inspection, reveals reality is not actually random at all. Things happen for “a reason”–yielding to a natural identity, revealed to the observer who describes and explains how things work, interpreted with tested integral and derivative values, and not why.

It may not be readily apparent but the previous description of what natural science is, and does, is a philosophy. It is phenomenology.

Einstein, for example, was a phenomenologist, and his favorite philosopher was Spinoza, a pantheist.

Einstein’s thought experiments (much like Kant described it) are the product of a natural existence. It is not an attributive value that science believes in, however. The disbelief (the cynicism of the critical method) is Positivism–a natural philosophy that completely relies on verification to know things (i.e., confirming integral and derivative values that form a natural existence).

In order to be science the thought experiment, and the math to demonstrate it with symbolic value (which is pure reason), had to be confirmed in the real world. Symbolic signs (pure reason) is not enough.

Calculus was invented to converge pure reason with practical reason, which Hegel described as a “phenomenology of the mind” since knowing what actually exists is really known by verifying its symbolic value. Kant described this as the unknowable knowable (the noumenon) since we may not actually know what the truth really is but we can read the signs so that, like Newton said, using the calculus, “Science measures causes unknown.”

This is all a lot of jabberwocky until we try and divine the objective interpretation of political-economic phenomena, to recognize a natural identity, which is, essentially, a function of yielding to good or bad signs that verify, or not, what natural actually is.

Senator McConnell, for example, as a practical matter, yielding to the utility of the numbers, to positively verify the legitimacy of any political policy and program (and aggress the passive resistance), has said the Republican Party has to be more diverse.

Now, understand, this is the wisdom of a true statesman–a career politician that knows what it means to read the signs and not ignore them!

(So, how can griffith possibly support a Republican? It is because I am not partisan! The door is always open, resisting nothing. What appears to be random access to my vote is nevertheless determined by the utility verified by the numbers, which McConnell admits to be the natural legitimacy–the true identity–of his party’s objective reality. McConnell may be a member of a dying party but he knows how to read the signs.)

McConnell, not being ignorant, yields to the law of random diversity by natural design. There really is no paradox, here. It is The Law, by the numbers, and “We” are all naturally equal under the law! … There is really nothing random about it. It is the object of self-determination and so, be positive…

Vote For Sanders, anyway!


About griffithlighton

musician-composer, artist, writer, philosopher and political economist (M.A.)
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