Symbolic Value and Regulatory Authority

Dodd-Frank, for example, has symbolic regulatory authority. Its purpose is to protect us from credit risk, but after the crisis has occurred. Since it does not intend to prevent the crisis that warrants the “resolution authority” what is its purpose?

The crisis risk proportion is apparently a natural sign and, apparently, we naturally yield to this proportion. However, intending to yield a bad outcome is inherently irrational, unless it is considered to be a good sign.

The Great Recession increased the number of billionaires while the median income, and its net worth, precipitously declined. The natural result of this “good sign” is the crisis proportion Dodd-Frank does not intend to prevent but manage after it “just happens” by natural design.

Mrs. Clinton supports Dodd-Frank and says she will do everything to protect Main Street from Wall Street’s best practices; preventing Wall Street from profiting from the harm done. If you want to know what jabberwocky is, well, that would be it! The 1% wins and 99% of us (naturally?) lose; but she will be there, to be sure, fighting for “us”–symbolizing the populist rate of interest. (Naturally, she is the perfect Wall-Street candidate.)

The positive value disambiguated by the numbers (yielding to “objective reality” at a 99-1 rate of interest) is to vote for Senator Sanders!


About griffithlighton

musician-composer, artist, writer, philosopher and political economist (M.A.)
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