Falling at the Rising Rate of Interest

In physics, Newton measured objects falling at an accelerated rate, and he called the rate of acceleration gravity. The measurable value is absolute, the same for every object. Newton described the effect as a universal law (an expected value) but the impact is relative to distance (velocity, which equals space over time).

The accelerated rate of the Sanders campaign (“the movement” of measurable risk) has brought it so close to the Democratic Party’s platform that its impact will shape the futures now. This is legitimate, naturally derived authority, having authentic, objective, natural identity that the party elite will try to mitigate, but (like I’ve been telling you) the risk does not actually reduce. The result (the impact) will be an aggravation (measurable aggression of the passive resistance at the margin, accelerating at the expected rate, absolutely valued, fully assumed, to occupy space over time).

There will be a lot of resistance (which is to actually know the quantity of actual risk trending now) but (like I keep saying)…

Vote for Sanders, anyway!

This is an organic process. It is only natural to vote for Sanders-like candidates (like Canova in Florida) who will allow the diversity we need to blossom where it is planted–in YOU, aggressing the passive resistance, in all the futures NOW!


About griffithlighton

musician-composer, artist, writer, philosopher and political economist (M.A.)
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