Natural Intendencies

The natural tendency to deconsolidate the risk is strongly resisted. Capitalists work real hard, intending to consolidate it.

Again, keep in mind, intending to consolidate risk associates with the concept of natural identity. Since diversity is a clearly identifiable attribute of a natural existence, consolidation is quite unnatural until philosophical arguments are applied intending to establish its natural existence.

Naturally, capitalists explain, the best way to protect ourselves from the risk of loss, fully assumed in priority, is to be so big that when it does tend to occur the establishment is not likely to fail. Of course, America’s founders considered that line of reasoning to be the description of tyranny, yielding to the Social Contract, which has been declared, naturally, to be the worst way to do things.

Anti-establishment sentiment is the current description of American politics. The “never-Trump” campaign is a reasonably well-organized resistance to what, for now, is not a credible, party identity; and notice that its leaders are the same people (the establishment) that organized the Tea Party identity, anticipating the demise of the “Grand Old Party.”

The Tea Party (like I was saying at the time of its inception) is a counter-identity. It intends to keep the rank and file, harmed by Republican policies and programs, within the party’s established identity. Of course, the rank and file aren’t stupid. They figured out the ruse (the false populism). If they don’t vote for the populist Mr. Trump, Mrs. Clinton is plenty conservative enough–according to one of the Koch brothers, for example, who spent a lot of money developing the Tea Party faction, which subsequently lost to the “too-liberal” Donald Trump. Like Senator Warren said, “They created Donald Trump. Now they have to live with it!”

Notice the tendency to deconsolidate the risk. It’s only natural. Resistance is futile; and so, like Ayn Rand said about giving-in to natural identity, why struggle with objective reality? It’s counter-intuitive!

The liberal-conservative binome is the established identity. To deconsolidate the political-economic risk associated with it, the “Birdie” Sanders interpretation is only natural; yielding to the signs of a natural existence, organically emerging, intuitively authored on demand with the force and legitimacy of its determined natural identity.


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musician-composer, artist, writer, philosopher and political economist (M.A.)
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