Taking Risk at No Risk

The jobs report today was favorable, so equity values are getting close to record highs again, but that is not really the reason why.

Equity is getting support from consolidation of income, which resists job creation. The labor-force participation rate continues to fall against continued consolidation of income, which (like Sanders says) is due to most new income going to the top 1%. That means, with declining income, 99% of us have to go into debt to break out of the deflationary trend. In other words, organized for a purpose, debt increases to equity, which we are being told is a moral hazard, and to avoid this hazard, capitalists say, it is necessary to work more for less (so that most income goes to the top 1%, which demands the debt proportion).

Like Fed governors keep saying, economic growth depends on productivity. With each worker being more productive, however, there is less demand for labor participation, like we have now, while the official unemployment rate is said to be declining.

Capitalists argue that in order to risk capital, to create jobs, there needs to be less risk. They argue for risk reduction but the risk cannot actually be reduced, and there is a liability associated with that, producing an event probability.

The event probability is not to be confused with the probable event. The actual event, organized for a purpose, has no natural limit to the liability associated with it.


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musician-composer, artist, writer, philosopher and political economist (M.A.)
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