Knowing the Event Probability

The Economic Policy Institute published a newsletter presenting a list of articles recently published, and citations in the news, based on its research.

EPI says, for example, demand for payday loans will fall significantly if we raise the minimum wage, and raise the participation rate (full employment). According to conservatives, however, this is all a moral hazard, causing the problem to be solved.

Causal attribution recognizes an existing, event probability, here and now. If we get it wrong (like Kant said) it still perfectly correlates with the right thing to do. The probable event correlates perfectly with the attribution (the categorical imperative), and we assess the value as measurable risk.

We have been doing it the conservative way and the result is economic desperation, rising global tension, and murder in our streets.

What’s so good about it!

Now, that’s why Sanders is still campaigning into the last vote cast at the convention. Hillary Clinton has right-wing endorsements (whether she wants them or not) because she is a right-wing candidate. Resisting the “presumptive” risk (knowing the event probability) is the right thing to do, emerging now!

It’s up to you to occupy that space and aggress the passive resistance, as the event emerges, with the probability (the measurable risk) being here now, on demand.


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musician-composer, artist, writer, philosopher and political economist (M.A.)
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