Money Flow

The ACA (Obamacare) resulted in a massive consolidation of wealth. Healthcare premiums now exceed mortgage payments for most households.

Money accumulated from rising healthcare costs flowed into equity markets. The flow has been supported by the insurance-program mandate.

The mandate is supposed to make healthcare more affordable. However, it actually makes the cost less and less affordable, which is the incentive to buy the insurance, which drives up the cost, being “made” more affordable.

(Capitalists call this “making markets more efficient.”

“Networking the externalities,” capitalism monopolizes the risk using the notion of a “natural-monopoly model.” Using this “natural model” — which implies it is the objective condition by default — capitalists “intend” to build-out an economy-of-scale efficiency. The efficiency actually defeats the inherent accountability of free-market mechanics, with the result being “big government” — the social contract — to control for the negative externalities, existing on demand.)

The bull market, from ’09, has been supported by falling median income due to rising healthcare costs.

Instead of providing healthcare, the ACA was designed by so-called “progressive” Democrats to consolidate wealth in the name of doing the public good. “Knowing what is in it after we pass it” characterizes the expectation of turning healthcare into a wealth-consolidation scheme. This is nothing but full-blown racketeering, using good offices, typically considered criminal behavior.

Since the harm done (the tendency to consolidate wealth and power) is a civil liability (to be decided in the political arena), Donald Trump was elected by a majority of the states to “drain the swamp.”

Switching to a Republican majority and executive authority, however, is all a part of the racket — the scheme.

Consolidation of wealth, with the money flowing into equity at record levels, is what conservatives consider to be “doing the public good.” Whether it is the ACA or the AHCA, the money flow, and the pretense of doing it in the name of the public good, is not going to change until “We” bust the structural binome of toggling between Democrats and Republicans, having the false attribution of existing on demand.

The false attribution “begs the question.” It is a logical fallacy, structurally determined.

(I refer to this as a dysfunctional, organized psychopathy. It is the result of attribution error, organized to make the same mistake over and over again; and because it is organized with demand attributes, it appears that it just naturally occurs by default.)

When logicians see an argument constructed to merely reform the argument, they say it “begs the question.”

Conservatives (and phony progressives) will be quite pleased with the money flow if the ACA survives by default, with the attribute of existing by popular demand.

Mandating that consumers have to buy it, but producers do not have to sell it, is not a free market at all! The price to be paid (and the money flow) has the condition (the attributive value) of a “natural monopoly” price, which is, according to  Objectivists, the “natural identity” of forming the capital (providing public goods in the marketplace, existing on demand) — whether “We” are Republicans or Democrats — by default. The system is naturally structured to win the game, determining how the money flows, empirically measured with dollar votes (cash being king), existing on demand.


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