Addjective Reality On Demand

hanging heliotrope (digital image — a colorshape — created by griffith lighton)

This image is an example of the addjective reality, existing on demand. (Conceptual art.)

The sphere appears to be hanging in the air, suspended (balanced) by mysterious forces suggested by the color-squares in the background.

The color-squares are in fact the digital paint that shapes the appearance of the sphere, addjected at particular frequencies, combined to shape the image and form a color-shape on demand. Actualized in the on-demand dimension is what gives the image real identity — a real presence (the art form) that would not otherwise exist in the realm of random attribution known as objective reality.

Also notice the frame around the image. It is a color-square integral to the overall pattern of the colorshape, which is a pattern modeled with color squares (the digital image, created by griffith lighton, on demand). The outer margin of the frame appears to have a variable hue or sheen pattern. It really does not have a sheen, but it actually appears that way, addjected as a part of the whole pattern, existing on demand. Which one is the real thing… the objective reality or the addjective reality that imitates life (the art form) existing on demand.


About griffithlighton

musician-composer, artist, writer, philosopher and political economist (M.A.)
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