The Natural Obligation (is categorically imperative)

concept art by griffith lighton

With the emergence of the scientific method, philosophers like Immanuel Kant said there is a natural obligation — a moral dimension — associated with knowing what objective reality actually is. (In the realm of jurisprudence, liability naturally associates with knowing what the truth actually is in spite of what you may claim you believe it to actually be.)

Objectivists, however, who make big capital-investment decisions, say that the moral dimension is arbitrary — prone to interpretation (or “addjective” as I describe it). In fact, they contend, morality is merely intended to steal what naturally belongs to the capitalists — the capital derived from organizing the factors of production.

Capitalists are free to do whatever they want with the capital because it naturally belongs to them. It is a “natural identity,” they say, and since nature is devoid of moral sentiment, the moral dimension is simply whatever the power elite say it is (it is an addjective reality existing on demand).

Maintenance of the power elite is the only natural obligation there is. So when the Trump adminstration’s EPA director says that regulating CO2 is illegal because it obstructs the free flow of capital investment on demand, he is arguing the “natural identity” of the capital and the natural obligation to it, isn’t he?


About griffithlighton

musician-composer, artist, writer, philosopher and political economist (M.A.)
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