The ACA was written to have no price controls!

While the insurance “marketplace” is supposed to make it more affordable, both premiums and healthcare costs continue to rise (and consolidate the wealth of the nation) out of control.

There is a bill in the US Senate aimed at controlling rising pharmaceutical costs.

Many of the measures in this cost-control bill could have (should have!) been written into the ACA in the first place — but instead we got, “You will know what is in the bill after we pass it.”

Democrats and Republicans that supported the ACA did not intend to control costs, which turns out to be financially catastrophic. Whether they did not know what the effect would be, or they deliberately enacted a gaming-system that consolidates the wealth of the nation (building out an economy-of-scale racket in the name of providing for the health and welfare of the nation), vote them out!!!!!!!

For people that are getting wildly richer, the ACA is a roaring success! Why change it?


About griffithlighton

musician-composer, artist, writer, philosopher and political economist (M.A.)
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