Rigging the Rules

Games have rules. In the financial business, rules are standard private practices and regulatory measures in the public domain to abate abusive practices. Both, then, methodically “yield to” (or intend) best practices (pluralistic ontologics, or as Mancur Olson described it, “The Logic of Collective Action”).

The Trump administration has ordered the US Dept. of Labor not to implement the “fiduciary rule.” The executive order is now in the public-comment phase.

Senator Warren pushed this rule through because Wall Street intends to use your savings against you. It is a straw-man game — setting you up to knock you down, touting financial advice that later turns out to be a detrimental position. The Objectivists then claim that bad things “just happen” and the liability associated with the loss (their gain) is delusional. Any attempt to recover losses (legitimately owned by the capitalists), they say, is larceny — the commission of a crime — by means of “the administrative state.”

Is the Trump administration really on your side… or is this just nuts! What’s the hidden image, here, that really exists, after all the manipulation (what is the addjective reality, existing on demand)?


About griffithlighton

musician-composer, artist, writer, philosopher and political economist (M.A.)
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