Menacing Behavior

digital space created by griffith lighton

Every state in the US, for example, has laws against menacing behavior. It is a form of terroristic threatening.

There is also an application in international law. When Kim Jung Un tests nuclear weapons sytems, it is menacing behavior.

Since we cannot send the sheriff to arrest Un for menacing, with the world being witness to the act of incivility, each state has the legal right to protect itself on demand.

Consolidation of power is prone to acts of incivility. Menacing is characteristic.

Since we cannot deconsolidate N. Korea’s power structure, and China, for example, being strongly opposed to doing that, regime change cannot happen without supplying the real risk being demanded.

The presence of “the risk” has a geometric colour and shape, existing on demand, being more like an addjective reality, than an objective reality, by default.

The image below, for example, is a colorshape. Both the shape and the color are derived from objective reality (a photograph), with an identity added by the artist, on demand, using universally recognizable, geometric figures. The image is square but prone to multiple interpretations, by design, nevertheless.

(See “The Added Identity” by Griffith Lighton, published on WordPress.)

digital space painted by griffith lighton


About griffithlighton

musician-composer, artist, writer, philosopher and political economist (M.A.)
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