Reform to Conform

President Trump signed another executive order today. The order reforms use of public land. Use will now conform to the bourgeois concept of objective reality.

Designation of protected public property is authorized by congress and applied through administrative orders, or administrative law. A power structure forms to actually apply the protection, authorized by “The People” (operating through executive orders), utilizing the constitutional means of representative government, or “the rule of law.”

My Master’s thesis, “The Bureaucratic Model of Power and Political Economy,” extensively examines what anti-government advocates describes as the “administrative state.” Since the system is constitutionally endowed with pluralistic properties (checks and balances), over time, the emergent property is the bureaucratic model with both elitist and pluralist dimensions, occupying the political space known as “the sovereign power” (who or what actually rules).

Since nature actually rules, we resort to natural models to measure the righteousness of our ways. The framers of the Constitution had the natural model in mind and naturally settled on the system of checks and balances as the legal-and-proper means of doing things.

Since the risk of loss is assumed in priority, the emerging, ruling class of the American Revolution, or “We The People,” are now in control. “They” now have the confirmed conformity of Trump’s executive orders, countering the natural, pluralistic legitimacy of the administrative state. The emergence of the bureaucratic model is being reformed to conform to objective reality or, as Objectivists describe it, our “natural identity.”

(See other articles on confirmed conformity and proprietary-risk management, by griffithlighton, published on the World Wide Web.)

emergent patterns (digital image created by griffith lighton)


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musician-composer, artist, writer, philosopher and political economist (M.A.)
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