On a Roll

The Trump administration is on a roll!

It rolled out a trickle-down tax plan and plans to roll back Dodd-Frank so that people will have the credit they need to buy things.

According to Republicans, and Trump, slow economic growth is due to over-regulation of the financial sector. If we just go back to the way it was, and let TBTF banks extend credit to people who cannot pay it, then growth will return to rates experienced before the Great Recession.

The FMRA essentially resulted in Dodd-Frank, which is a law so huge and complex that few people know what is actually in it, much less what the real effects are.

President Obama inherited the real economic-growth rate before the financial crisis in 08-09. His recovery program left people who lost net equity to Wall Street financial players with pennies on the dollar, if that. This was a massive consolidation of wealth and is still driving the stock market to record levels. (President Obama is sure to be giving high-paid speeches on Wall Street, being the model for successfully consolidating the wealth of the nation in the name of progressive politics.)

The crash in 08-09 rolls back the growth experienced before the Great Recession. The fully assumed risk was hidden.

The recession actually measures no real growth before 08-09, hidden off the balance sheet in the form of securitized debt, which is an FMRA device. (Glass-Steagall prohibited bundling debt into securities because bundling makes people actually buy things they don’t really want.) Liabilities nobody wanted to own were turned into assets, bought by the Fed and held in reserve. Those assets are now being sold back to member banks, having been laundered so that the loss of net worth for millions of Americans does not look like a zero-sum gain since, you see, capitalism is supposed to raise all boats on the rising tide. It is fraud and racketeering, being now attributed to over-regulation, rolled out, once again, in the name of economic growth.

The roll is a spin of the same old thing using a new prop — Dodd-Frank.


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musician-composer, artist, writer, philosopher and political economist (M.A.)
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