New Healthcare Bill

The US House passed the GOP healthcare bill.

Both Republicans and Democrats love the ACA because it is a way to consolidate the wealth of the nation in the name of providing a public good. The only change the GOP is likely to make is to make the healthcare racket even more profitable for healthcare interests in the name of free-market economics.

If the government says you have to buy it, but the vendor does not have to sell it, it is not a free market — and YOU GET GOUGED!

The GOP’s remedy is a 30% surcharge, if you do not buy the insurance, added to the insurance premium. If you can’t say “no!” to what supports the price, to infinity and beyond, then you will be gouged — and the GOP plan adds a 30% premium to make it all more affordable?

Remember, just like with Obamacare, because you have to buy it, it is said to be “made more affordable.” Actually, however, that is what makes it less and less affordable. Both health-care costs and insurance premiums just keep going up, which has the measurable effect of consolidating the wealth of the nation!

And there you have it… the perfect model of capitalism, gouging you in the name of both providing for the public good, and at legitimate, free-market prices…on command! “They” choose the price and you (subjected to the innate power of the ruling class) choose the quantity. Since you will not be able to actually demand it without debt, you will be increasingly obliged to the debt (subordinated to the ruling class), which you will not be able to pay at rising prices. The result will be a credit crisis by default — which capitalists are sure to take to the bank in the name of “oops”… that’s just objective reality!

Haven’t you had enough, already?

Where the free market fails (when you cannot say no!) then price controls are “naturally” in order to control for “the risk by default,” existing on demand!


About griffithlighton

musician-composer, artist, writer, philosopher and political economist (M.A.)
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