Inverted Identity

Common to financial manipulation is the inverted identity.

Inversion schemes are common fair for both business and government.

I have written about inversion before in relation to corporate income, as well as criminal, financial networking.

By inverting the national identity of income, for example, international conglomerates can derive a lower, competitive tax rate using market mechanics. Referred to as “repatriation,” the identity of the element (the corporate body) is re-formed, conforming to what Randians call a “natural identity.”

Inversion is often associated with criminal syndication; but something that just naturally happens (having a “natural identity,” Objectivists argue) isn’t a crime. “It just happens!”

Something that just naturally happens is not arbitrary, but identifying it with a moral dimension is. It is not hard to see how the corporate body tends to identify with Objectivism.

In the world of financial manipulation, inversion is a standard business practice. It is a way to hide the source (the real identity) of funds, referred to as “laundering.”

Since the identity is painted in the shadows, inversion schemes are treated like proprietary means. They can, in fact, be patented processes (ways of doing business — thus having an efficient-cause identity), like the means used by the proprietary desks of TBTF financial institutions (SIFI’s) to “cause” the Great Recession.

Government intelligence operations are busy identifying inversions. Re-forming the identity of the money flow is how, for example, terrorist organizations (crime syndicates generally) fund operations.

Since the means is covert, to hide a real identity, it is important to keep laundering schemes a secret. It is important to, for example, not have a high-profile executive, like the President of the United States, blow the whole jig by having to disclose how he got so rich using Russian banks and real-estate transactions.

Again, these transactions are not new, but they have gained a high profile, which is one reason Wall Street did not favor a Trump presidency.

Using inversion schemes… the more laundry done, the dirtier it actually gets!


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