Event-Driven Correlations

Risk assessment has to do with correlative events.

If I don’t take my umbrella, and it rains, and it just happens to be a reoccurring event, the events correlate, but that does not mean there is a temporal sequence of cause and effect.

The DOW suddenly dropped 250 points today, for example, because, supposedly, we’ve been in a Trump rally. A sudden, 1% drop would seem to confirm the veracity of a Trump rally, but it is a deliberate deception (a fraud).

Fraud operates with the perception of risk on a regular basis, especially in the realm of finance and equity valuations. That’s why, for example, big financial operatives securitized the debt built up to drive the Great Recession. The productivity was “great” until it caused the Great Recession.

The “Trump rally” is a fraud. What is really driving equity values is the consolidation of wealth (net worth) due to the Great Recession. However, it is not politic to operate with the truth.

Once people know the truth they have “cause” to act on it. “We” would act (with deliberate purpose) to realign the values of the corporate body, having a real, verifiable correlation to the people that actually form it, conforming to its naturally legitimate (objective), on-demand identity, always existing now (conserved), in alignment, and properly referred to as “the risk” (fully assumed in priority).


About griffithlighton

musician-composer, artist, writer, philosopher and political economist (M.A.)
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