Inclined to be Intertwined

Currently, the Fed says that inflation is too low; and Europeans descend on Hamburg to express anti-capitalist sentiment.

These factors are intertwined.

Established, consolidated media assets are not inclined, however, to align these events with the real risk.

Fed head, Janet Yellen, told congress today that employment is growing while wage growth is slowing.

It’s capitalist heaven!

So, what’s the inclination?

What is the real risk that actually has us intertwined but is expressed as “alienation?”

Wages and salaries, for most people, are in alignment with capitalism; and most people are demanding a realignment, which is what brought the Trump administration to the fore of discontent. These current values are intertwined but not inclined to be resolved without the accumulation of a lot of risk.

Actual events are not alienated from the real risk; and we can know it without catastrophic realization if we are so inclined.


About griffithlighton

musician-composer, artist, writer, philosopher and political economist (M.A.)
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