Managing the Mitigation

Looking at the data, the US economy is currently experiencing price deflation. The only thing up in price is pharmaceuticals, supported by the ACA.

As the price of healthcare keeps going up, demand for everything else keeps going down. The deflated value does not just disappear. It emerges in financial markets to maximize the return.

The deflated value is going into equity markets since, to mitigate the risk, the Fed has interest rates really low to “cause” inflation. The result is inflation of equity valuation, representing the wealth of the nation.

Since the real, natural identity of the fundamental risk is, in priority, the fully assumed risk of loss, the risk has to be managed to assume the identity of being risk free. It is necessary to engineer the fundamentals to methodically yield to the risk-free rate of return, described as mitigating the risk.

Since the risk cannot actually be reduced, but can be managed to occur within a space of time, mitigation is managed so there is an expectation of its value over time. This is the term “t” in the formula for determining the price of futures and options contracts, bought and sold in derivatives markets to mitigate the risk.

Using derivatives markets, managing the risk is so complicated that President Obama and Eric Holder, for example, were afraid to touch it. This is called intimidation — it is what criminals do to extort value in the name of self-protection, or to mitigate the risk. The natural result (which Objectivists refer to as a naturally occurring identity) is the “organized psychopathy” I write about. It is how we keep doing the same stupid thing over and over again, which is then described as a “natural identity” since we can’t stop doing it!

Does the psychopathy really align with a natural identity, or is it a way to manage the risk so it actually presents with the false attribution of existing at a risk-free rate over time?

The result of fundamental attribution error is psychopathy, being technically described as risk mitigation, managed by the best and the brightest?


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musician-composer, artist, writer, philosopher and political economist (M.A.)
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