Replacing the ACA Keeps Dying… Due To Complications of What Ails Us

Dismay of the AMA

The AMA says the latest revision of the Senate healthcare bill is a bust. It’s no good, they say… and isn’t that rich!

Doing it the AMA way has resulted in a healthcare system so expensive that a person cannot afford healthcare without buying into an expensive, and highly unstable, insurance program, which does not make healthcare more affordable, by the way, but actually serves to support the price!

What is “complicated about healthcare” is the rigging necessary to support rising costs. If the price is so high you can’t afford to buy it, then the price “naturally” comes down.

The AMA claims that being “subjected” to the vicissitudes of free-market mechanics is crude and unsophisticated. It is unbecoming. It is not compatible with the professional quality of being a doctor. (People should get healthcare whether they can actually demand it in the marketplace, you see, conforming to the notion of “do no harm.”) So, to support the value of their credentialed authority (and the appearance of doing no harm), we have a price support system — currently the ACA.

The result is a healthcare system that is less and less affordable, rendering products and services you can’t use, more and more, but still pay for in the form of an insurance program the AMA says is the best practice; and changing it, you see, is, well, too complicated, isn’t it?


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