Deregulation of the Internet

The FCC moved to deregulate the internet marketplace, eliminating net neutrality by a 3-2 vote.

According to the FCC’s, Trump-appointed chairman, the move creates the incentive for innovative investment.

Don’t be fooled by the language used to justify eliminating neutrality.

Conservatives say that deregulation opens up the market. It makes the market more free to innovate. Net neutrality, however, did nothing to inhibit free-market innovation.

Instead of actually deregulating the marketplace, by means of bureaucratic authority, big corporate conglomerates will be regulating it to derive the highest price at the lowest possible cost. This means, characteristic of big-corporate conglomeration in the name of free-market efficiency, the price goes up and the quality goes down for everybody!

Sorry, Mr. President, but that’s not an improvement!

Well, there it is, Mr. President… the “deep state” in operation at your behest… and it is deeply flawed!

Your administrative adjunct at the FCC traded a government reg for a private-sector reg that will reduce the incentive to innovate.

Bad move! This shows extreme incompetence at the highest level of business and commerce combined with the bureaucratic model of power.

What’s the incentive?

I wrote the FCC when eliminating net neutrality was first proposed in the name of free marketeering.

If the incentive is to, for example, reduce scarcity of resources, there is no incentive for big-corporate conglomerates to increase the supply. Instead, as usual (contrary to the free-market incentive), they will reduce demand by differentiating the price. It starts to look more like a command economy (rationing by means of consolidated authority) than a free market.

Consolidating industry and markets to make it more like a free market is just simply absurd; and if you, Mr. President, and your deep-state adjuncts, think that’s how a free market really works in the public interest, your administration of the state is deeply flawed!

Eliminating net neutrality has everything to do with the incentive to consolidate the media marketplace. It will result in less innovation at the highest possible cost.

What, then, pray tell, is the real incentive (the motive) for supporting the end of net neutrality?

“The End of Liberalism?”


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musician-composer, artist, writer, philosopher and political economist (M.A.)
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