Cost Control

Congressional conservatives are now looking to cut medicare and medicaid spending. Technically, this would be an offset to the tax-cut program benefiting mostly rich people.

Since Democrats did not legislate cost controls, while at the same time mandating that a person buy health-care insurance, many health-care products and services have risen astronomically.

Now Republicans say they will not fund CHIP without medicare and medicaid cuts.

CHIP is funded with a regressive tax burden, passed, first thing, by the Obama administration. However (like I said at the time), that was really unwise. The tax was not only regressive, aggravating a recessionary trend, but it pushed costs up while revenue from the tax declined. Democrats did it anyway because it is really not about health care. It’s about fixing a revenue stream to make just a few people rich in the name of doing the public good!

Instead of wholesale cuts, how about cutting the costs, which means more people can actually buy it rather than go into debt to have it without being able to afford to use it! How is it the government can mandate the cost go up but cannot legitimately mandate the cost go down?

Actually doing the public good is, apparently, a lot of baloney!

If you plan on having Democrats save you from Republicans, you better look somewhere else!


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musician-composer, artist, writer, philosopher and political economist (M.A.)
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