Mystery of the Makers

According to capitalists, productivity does not happen without “the makers” organizing it all through finance and industry. Since everything derives from the financial stake, we naturally tend to the needs of the makers first, existing in priority. If we don’t then the wealth does not transform into capital.

By natural design, capitalism contends, productive incentive derives from the profit motive. It is the existential priority from which economic expansion derives and is measured by the return on investment. Without returning more value than put in, there is no natural incentive to turn wealth into capital and generate more wealth.

Nature, however, always shows an equivalent value. There is a natural symmetry that exists no matter what. Capitalists contend, then, they are adding identity to the value, which is the measurable profit (the return) on investing the capital. Without the measure of profits (and losses) there is no way to measure the value derived.

The “makers” mysteriously derive more value than they put in, creating wealth; yet there is no way to actually do that by natural design.

The added identity is the cult of mystery made to describe and explain the secret knowledge of “objective reality” that only the well bred and properly initiated can really know. Being the “creators” the power elite of industry and finance have a divine-like attribution, which is endowed by a “natural identity.”

Dealing with the natural identity of the capital is a philosophical pursuit. Capitalists, for example, tend to Objectivist philosophy, which restates the natural-identity measure of knowing what objective reality is and thus what is the proper means to ends.

Greeks protested outside parliament this week over new austerity measures to service its sovereign debt. The solution is to confiscate people’s property in foreclosure for the public good… but it is not communism, it is capitalism. It is intended to properly yield the natural identity of the capital, which is measured in the form of return on the capital investment.

Since the yield on investment is effectively negative at current rates (yielding to the equivalent value that naturally derives in nature), the sovereign debt must be returned to its proper identity. According to capitalists that means foreclosing on the wealth of the nation in order to create it.

The culture of what the natural identity actually is mysteriously tends to be coercive by non-equivalence.

What is required to make it all “just happen” — like it is supposed to — derives from adding to the top by taking it from the bottom. This is done by using derivative financial products — the devices that will be used to service Greece’s sovereign debt.

The makers make the natural incentive to be more productive by cultivating economic desperation, which has coercive value derived from non-equivalence. This then makes for mysterious machinations in dark derivative markets designed to cultivate the problem in the form of the solution.

Making the mystery of the maker is then the identity to be added, requiring the secret knowledge to actually understand the natural design of objective reality.


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musician-composer, artist, writer, philosopher and political economist (M.A.)
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