The Common Divisor

As a matter of pure logic, with an absolute value, the legitimacy of government is the common divisor.

Mathematically, by logical condition, American government is organized into two, nominal entities. Operation of this binomial, identity element is currently plain to see.

The current government shutdown is a product of doing the math. It is an existential logic designed to conserve the stakes while being locked in opposition.

(Remember that the number “2” is an irrational number. There is no common divisor, but it is being operationalized as though there is one. Divisibility is naturally limited to itself, otherwise it is infinitely divisible and thus non-deterministic, and this is the quality that supports the technique of its use — containment of the probable risk, which then becomes the risk to be actually contained, ad infinitum.)

Although the opposing forces are genuinely in conflict, the outcome is binomially determined: not A therefore B, not B therefore A, and so on….

To bust the binome and realize the verifiable legitimacy of common divisibility that actually obtains (gaining the utility of the greatest good, ad infinitum) a new logic (a naturally emergent property) is in order.

What we have now, currently, is a deliberately organized, structurally determined technology. It only appears to have the natural aesthetic (the existential logic) of a commonly divisible self-determination, having the legitimacy of being spontaneously self-assembled on demand like in a free market. Quite the contrary, it is binomially determined.

Appealing to the natural aesthetic, having the attributes of a spontaneous self-assembly, existing on demand, yielding to the passive resistance, we see anti-establishment rallies, today, all across America, binomially determined, doing the math of common divisibility.


About griffithlighton

musician-composer, artist, writer, philosopher and political economist (M.A.)
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