The Anthropic Identity

Scientists have suggested that the observable universe has an anthropic identity.

Naturally, we tend to see things egocentrically, as though the universe revolves around the perception of its existence. This is described as the pathetic fallacy because, like Aristotle said, the true nature of things exists independent of our perception.

What the truth is, naturally, is a philosophical endeavor. Recognition of human existence, correlated with a natural identity, is not objective if the interpretation determines what we think the truth is, which is a method yield. In other words, the value is derivative — derived from the perception of it, which is phenomenology.

The digital painting above is an artistic interpretation — an abstract conception — of the phenomenology. It is low contrast. It lacks intensity because the concept is ephemeral; a fleeting notion when confronted with the facts of “the existence” independent of the observer.

An anthropic image is ephemerally shaped in the color scheme. It is not hidden but it may take close examination to notice it, which is often what we do to know the real truth of an actualizing existence — a phenomenology that is always there, derivative by design,  existing on demand, and thus culpable (like Kant said), by means of our own devices.


About griffithlighton

musician-composer, artist, writer, philosopher and political economist (M.A.)
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