vestigial stars of Spring to Summer

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vestigial ochre

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make a funny face

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wave goodbye to Spring

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exposing for the impression

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playing in the shadows

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Differential Identity

Identity is added over time. (See “The Added Identity” by griffith lighton published on WordPress.) In physics, for example, the identity added is the measure of space occupied over time and can be formulated or understood with mathematical language.

Using math to interpret the phenomenon of a measurable existence reduces the ambiguity of integral and derivative values, which determines causal identities. Once the determination (the natural order of things) is known or identified it can be used to predict the futures now.

Knowing the futures now anticipates the fully assumed risk of loss in priority. The “assumption of risk” (which cannot actually be reduced but can be avoided) is then determined by an added causal identity (the difference) with an efficiency that naturally associates with a purpose by design.

(Again, the difference is not a reduction. It is an added identity. It derives from the real risk, which still exists in the form of a mathematical probability that is actualized on demand by knowing it.)

The measurable difference is a creative design, which implies purpose by logical condition. Observe, for example, the available-light photo below of the red, day lily. In direct sun the lily is deep red. Washed with a thick cloud deck, however, the lily is pink, effectively brushed with soft, white light. The pink identity is added, created (determined) by all the conditions that logically produce it, although the lily is really red.

It is the same way in the world of political-economy. The real and the actual converge over time to create a new identity. It is possible to resist, but the risk is still fully assumed (integral) in priority, yielding to the difference, no matter what.

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