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ornaments of Spring to Summer

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Nixing Net Neutrality

(Yielding to Natural Methods)

The Trump administration’s FCC chairman says the best and brightest thing to do is let big corporations decide how to manage the internet. This statement of the best practice conforms to the model of capitalism.

Capitalists say they are organizing the free market for economic efficiency. They do this by owning it all, using the accumulation of capital to buy it.

Trump’s FCC is going to “let it be.” Corporate conglomerates buy the spectrum at public auction and turn it into private property using capital assets. Naturally, according to the small number of people who own the vast majority of the capital, the people who own it have the right to manage it any way they want.

The result is a command structure that capitalists say they steadfastly oppose, but do it, nevertheless, in the name of economic efficiency.

Instead of having a mechanical process in which consumers demand quantity and quality at a legitimate price (i.e., determined by pluralistic means), determination of “objective reality” occurs from the top down.

Trump’s FCC says it will be critical of how the naturally occurring spectrum (a public good) is organized using private capital.

According to the FCC, its agency is the best place to determine whether non-free-market practices are in operation. Allowing for consolidation, however, is what that means.

Consolidation is not a free-market practice. It is an elitist model that “intends” to defeat legitimate, naturally occurring, pluralistic processes.

Natural processes are pluralistic by default. It “tends” to be that way, with the natural result being resistance to catastrophic risk.

Pluralism “determines” what objective reality actually is by aggressing a passive resistance in small, peaceful dimensions, effectively managing the risk non-catastrophically, over time, by default. Is this the critical method the FCC intends to use in the name of best practices, determined by an elitist model?

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silky sun

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with a flowing weave

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spiked pink and white

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piega e ricciolo

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