random Fall line up

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end-of-Summer abstract

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random variations of encoded design

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an incontiguant composition

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Grossing the Difference

(Pricing the Actual Risk)

The Trump administration’s tariffs have caused a glut of meat products. This event made it into mainstream news since the price of meat steadily went up to unaffordable levels over the years, due to free-trade agreements (and the derivative, commodity-futures contracts associated with them), while the median income went down.

Meat products are now being grossed — hoarded — to support the price.

It used to be that grossing was a capital offense. With the emergence of capitalism, however, grossing is an acceptable practice, allowing people to make as much money as they can using market mechanics.

The product exists, it is just being held off the market to support the price, which means the benefit to the median income is actively resisted.

Falling prices are anti-capitalist. Capitalists do not intend to be subjected to market mechanics. Instead, the externalities are organized to “naturally” resist price controls.

Grossing is a way to deliberately control the price, along with consolidation of industry and markets on a global scale, and free-trade agreements designed to support prices, not resist them like in a real free market.

Capitalists will gross products and services so that consumers are forced to borrow the money from them at rising prices. The average income is then in debt to the capitalists by default, who claim that tending to their own self-interest creates jobs to pay the debt.

It is not readily apparent, but the cost of the debt adds to the actual price of the product, being surplussed (grossed) to support the price and the demand for debt. It is not free-market economics but it is a racketeering scheme intended to keep masses of people dependent on debt and, thus, supporting the financial system in a too-big-to-fail risk dimension.

(See other articles by griffithlighton on grossing, pricing the risk, and risk dimension.)

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Summer-sun geometric paint

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